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Amber M. Hathaway

Your Headache Free Transaction Management Service

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 It’s great to meet you. Who am I? I am someone who has over 20 years of experience in the Real Estate & Property Management Industry. I began in 1998 as a receptionist at a real estate firm and in 2004 I decided it was time to obtain my Real Estate license. Since then I have worked with some of the top Real Estate Agents and Brokers on the peninsula and have assisted in hundreds of successfully closed Real Estate transactions. 

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Open escrow per agent’s request with agent desired escrow company. 

Request preliminary title report. 

Create broker required listing documents and forms 

Prepare client packet as desired by agent & client using one of the two formats below: 

Paper copy with arrows and highlights 

Electronically via DocuSign 

Broker submission of transaction & file 

Check water inspection status with appropriate water board: schedule inspection if desired. 

Order natural hazard report by JCP Geologists, unless otherwise specified 

Prepare appropriate city or county inspection application for submission to proper entity. 

Schedule any inspections requested by agent 

Scan/organize documents into online transaction program 

MLS Input, if desired 


Ensure that all contracts, counter offers, initial purchase documents are signed & initialed correctly 

Organize documents/Scan in per Broker requirements 

Create timeline of key dates related to sale for client, escrow, lender and cooperating agent 

Send copy of contracts to escrow 

Monitor contingencies & deadlines per contract requirements & send reminders of upcoming key dates. 

Ensure that all disclosures are received/sent, completed, signed and initialed correctly 

Order home warranty and hazard disclosures reports 

Confirm file compliance with your Broker requirements 

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Amber Hathaway is an excellent transaction coordinator. She is willing and able to take charge of each transaction as soon as listing or sale information is provided to her, doing as much or as little as requested. I have been amazed by Amber's patience and demeanor.  She is very responsive to calls and emails and keeps all parties informed along the escrow path. Amber stays current on all CAR, NAR and local requirements and forms, as well as forms created by the individual real estate firms for whose escrows she handles. It is a pleasure to work with her.

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Amber has worked for me for over two years. She is as efficient as she can be. I would seriously have a hard time with an assistant needing guidance all the time from me. I think she is a mind reader because she does things for me before I even ask. I have never been disappointed on any of her work. She responds quickly and nothing is a big deal. She is amazing! Call me if you want to talk about her ability to make your life easier.

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I have worked with Amber for over 20 years. She is hard working, reliable, trustworthy and pays close attention to details. Amber always goes above and beyond. There is no task she isn’t willing to attempt, and she is thorough and precise. I have entrusted Amber with my business for years and recommend her services to anybody who wants to make their transactions and their life a lot less stressful.



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